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Does Aromatherapy work?

Does Aromatherapy work?

Aromatherapy not only smells nice it provides healing to the body and the brain.

While aromatherapy is a great way to keep your home smelling fresh and your spirits up – it is much more than that. There is an incredible connection between your sense of smell and your body’s healing capabilities. Of course there are times when the only course of action is medical intervention, but there are also a lot of times where we are just a little unwell – the flu, a migraine, exhaustion or lack of mental clarity – where the gentle power of aromatherapy is the perfect healing modality.

When you breathe in a scent it is immediately interpreted by your brain as a signal and depending on the scent, your brain will respond in different ways. This part of the brain is called the hypothalamus, an organ that, among other things, regulates important body functions like emotion, memory, your ability to sleep and the way that you grow. A part of the magic of aromatherapy is this link with memory. White Tea takes me back to Paris every time I smell it and for many people certain scents remind them of childhood or loved ones. If we smell something that we associate with a good memory our bodies naturally relax and respond better to stress. They also begin to heal.

But aromatherapy is more than just a response to something that smells nice, it can be a therapeutic application of scent as well. The body reacts in predictable ways to certain scents, in particular natural oils. For example, while most people recoil from something rotten (it is your body telling you not to eat or touch something that will make you sick), they will relax and breath more deeply when they smell lavender. These responses can then be used to create a scenario where we choose what to smell and orchestrate our response. Suffering from  insomnia? A little lavender oil may just help to trigger that sleepy response.

Of course, the higher quality the scent the more acute the body’s response, so not all aromatherapy is created equal, but if you do want to add a little natural healing to your life here are some of the most useful ways to add aromatherapy to your life.

1. Sage – this oil, when burnt as an oil or candle, is a stimulant. It is great for waking up a muddy, fuzzy mind and making you feel more alert, clear and bright-eyed. People have burned sage leaves for centuries to clear out stale energy and air from their homes.

2. Citrus oils (orange, lemon, grapefruit) – these are uplifting and purifying. They tend to make the body want to relax, which is not only great for stress, but can be used for things like coughing or even very tight muscles. Just smelling orange or lemon oil makes the body begin to calm & purify.

3. Mint (peppermint, spearmint) – these oils have not only been shown to relieve anxiety, but to also cause the body to relax prompting it to feel less pain, stop vomiting and even improve your concentration and memory.  This can be burned or even rubbed straight onto your pressure points.

Havana Home wants your candles and home fragrance experience to be more than just a nice smelling home (we want that too… we just want it to even more special) and that’s why we use the finest essential oils in our products to make the experience of walking into a room, one that makes you feel relaxed, or invigorated, or simple just happy.