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Tips for finding the perfect gift

Take the hassle out of gift shopping with a these key tips:-

Give Yourself Plenty of Time           

Think about the gifts you need to buy and allow plenty of time to get organized.

Consider the Receiver 

Make a list of likes and/or dislikes for the person you are buying for and try to find something that would fit within this list. Perhaps they love the colour blue, or fishing but you remember them once saying that they hated purple. Are they likely to enjoy something practical that they can use again and again or are they more likely to enjoy something that is used quickly – like a bottle of wine. Take a look around their home – if their style is contemporary don’t buy them something rustic.

I always try to think of things that my friends might not buy for themselves. A beautiful perfume or a great hat – something they love but would consider a bit of a luxury.

What is the Occasion

Is this an important birthday or just a thank you or a small gesture. Make sure that the present suits the occasion – if you have been invited for dinner then obviously you take a bottle of wine but perhaps a nice candle as well. If it’s a milestone birthday then something suitable – my current favourite for men is really amazing steak knives.

Never give Gag Gifts

No one really likes receiving joke gifts and we certainly don’t want to have find somewhere to put them.

Kris Kringle

Probably the hardest gift of all.  Usually a very strict budget and often you don't know who you are buying for.  This is when you actually get to think about what you would like - buy something that you would love to receive that isn't too personal - and you should hit the mark.

Wrap it Beautifully

Show that you didn’t stop thinking of them once you paid for the gift. Take time to wrap it beautiful adding a little something into the ribbon or a little fragrance on the paper.

Write a Message on the Card

Do not just sign the bottom of a printed card – take time to write a line or two. That extra thought makes so much impact – and if it makes them laugh or smile then all the better.

Never Ever Re-gift

If you don’t like something do not give it to someone else. 

Remember, it is the thought that counts! So put a little thought into your gift giving  and you are sure to be a winner.

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November 15, 2018 — Judith Bruce