Every home has it's own personality and style; to be honest every space within a home has it's own identity too.  Just like with our clothes we can layer home fragrance to create a signature perfume for our home.

There are so many ways to do this beautifully and so many ways to experiment.  But before the experimentation, it is a good idea to think about how you use each space and how you want that space to feel both to your family and to any visitors.

It's worth considering if you want each room to have a different scent or if you want the entire home to have a particular fragrance.  Working within our eight fragrances there are still over 50 possible combinations of fragrance.  You can use candles or reed diffusers, you can use both.  You can adjust the fragrance level in your Havana Home reed diffuser by adjusting the number of reeds you use.

Unsurprisingly, I take this seriously in my own home.  For me feeling calm is the key - I always want my space to feel like my sanctuary.  I use White Tea diffusers throughout the house (not the bathrooms) and then I burn other scents depending on my mood but the White Tea is always there.  I NEVER use the same fragrance in the bathroom as the rest of the house - so whatever diffuser I am using in the bathrooms, I don't include those candles in my rotation.  

One of my favourites is to burn a golden amber candle on weekends when I am chilling or updating my blog at midnight (like right now) - golden amber is like a hug.  But I use something more lively when I am sitting at my desk during the week.

One of my customers uses Golden Amber throughout the home and Sapphire Coast in the kitchen and bathrooms.   Another changes her fragrance throughout the home regularly but also keeps an unlit candle in each the wardrobes.

One thing is for sure that no matter what sort of feeling you want into your home - there is a Havana Home fragrance to help you get there.

Have fun!  HHxx

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June 09, 2019 — Judith Bruce