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Emotional wellbeing and the importance of everyday luxury.

Emotional wellbeing and the importance of everyday luxury.

What does your home say about your self worth?

There is often a sense that our houses are functional spaces. Places where we stay warm and dry, eat and wash and sleep. And this is, of course, true, particularly for those of us who have busy lives that keep us away from these houses most of the time.

But our houses do more for us than provide for our basic needs, they provide a sense of psychological stability – a home base, a place where we can be alone, be ourselves and be unmasked. It is for this very reason that taking time to add touches of beauty, art and luxury to our homes is an important part of looking after ourselves.

It shows us that we value the time we take for ourselves, that we value the spaces we occupy and in essence – we value ourselves. Highly. This is not to say that a home must be expensively furnished or elaborately designed. There are many ways a home can be made luxurious and special without overcrowding it, or breaking the bank

In her book The Substance of Style, Virgina Postrel argues that our reaction to the items in our world is “immediate, perceptual and emotional”. We don’t just see and use the things in our world, we attach emotional meaning to them. We want them to be something we love and something that make us feel good. She believes there is a higher level of pleasure associated with interacting with goods that are higher quality and more beautiful in design. A green cushion might add colour and comfort to a room, but a high quality, well designed green cushion that we chose carefully, will add something else – a perception of quality that includes the entire room, an emotional connection and a sense that we honour the space. This idea of everyday luxury extends to the way we treat our spaces. 

This may be as simple as a beautiful scent that lifts a room and creates a sense of both cleansing energy and calm. Or as complex as the art we choose to grace our walls. Either way though – the quality, well-designed and carefully created option will not only last longer, but create the perception of care and the emotional connection we long for in our home space.