Layering Fragrance in Your Home | HAVANA HOME

Layering Fragrance in Your Home

Fragrance layering - what does it mean? Just like with our clothes we can layer home fragrance to create depth to the fragrance or use different combinations to create our signature home fragrance. There are so many ways to do this beautifully and so many ways to experiment.   One way is to use the reed diffusers throughout the home and then add the candles to intensify the scent when needed.  This can be done using the matching fragrance or using a different reed & candle to create you own.   At Havana Home we love the combination of White Tea...

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How to buy the perfect gift | HAVANA HOME

How to buy the perfect gift

Make gift giving as stress free as possible these holidays by following our tips on how to give the perfect give, everytime.
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How are Essential Oils Made? | HAVANA HOME

How are Essential Oils Made?

Essential oils come directly from plants and what you are getting is the truest scent possible from that particular plant. When you get a product that has essential oils in it, they will be both valuable in an aromatherapeutic sense and also in terms of the way the interact with your skin.
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The Freedom Project | HAVANA HOME

The Freedom Project

To me Freedom is pretty straightforward – it’s about having the time and resources to do what you want when you want. I feel that I have the time part sorted but am still working on the financial part.
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Does Aromatherapy work? | HAVANA HOME

Does Aromatherapy work?

Citrus oils (orange, lemon, mandarin) – these are uplifting and purifying. They tend to make the body want to relax, which is not only great for stress, but can be used for things like coughing or even very tight muscles. Just smelling orange or lemon oil makes the body begin to calm & purify.  I remember reading years ago that mandarin is the most uplifting fragrance - every time I peel one I have to agree.
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