Inside the home of artist & collector, Sally Browne | HAVANA HOME

Inside the home of artist & collector, Sally Browne

Sally considers herself “a total homebody”, so it’s been important to make her space a happy one. Her art studio is tucked into one of the four bedrooms, but the creative magic is spread throughout the house. Her own work hangs on a handful of walls, with the real stars being an eclectic collection of art sourced from all over. There’s no particular theme to the collection. “Contemporary, pop, abstract, cubism, minimalism, impressionist – all styles are welcome at my place.”
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Take the stress out of Christmas Shopping Online | HAVANA HOME

Take the stress out of Christmas Shopping Online

Here are our five fool-proof online Christmas shopping tips. Make yourself a cuppa (something calming), light a candle (we recommend our White Tea for total zen) and put your feet up, laptop on one side, notepad on the other.
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All About the Artists | HAVANA HOME

All About the Artists

As an interior designer I genuinely believe that beautiful design should be part and parcel of every day life and that it should be dynamic.  And being a small business I have the luxury of being able to implement change quickly and without too much fuss.  So when it came time to shake up our look I was determined to make what was already a beautiful product an even more beautiful product. I changed to a beautiful glass candle jar which will complement any home.  Also rather than cover it with branding I stuck to a tiny logo on the...

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Things to do in Sydney | HAVANA HOME

Things to do in Sydney

Things to do in summer in Sydney It’s what Australia is known for after all – our summers. At times scorching, at times wild and stormy. But most of the time? Absolutely stunning. As summer is in full swing, its time to plan at least a few little adventures and a city as vast as Sydney is the perfect place for it.  I have to confess though that I am all about the water and outdoors so am leaving out all the fantastic museums and galleries for now. Start with a trip to the beach. And I’m not talking Bronte...

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Natural Wax Candles - Soy Vs Paraffin | HAVANA HOME

Natural Wax Candles - Soy Vs Paraffin

The choice really is quite simple – if you care as much about your candles, as we do, you pay the extra for natural wax and to have them well made and if you care about your home – you buy the beautiful candle that enhances your life, not the one that damages your health.
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