Judith Bruce Founder and Creative Force at Havana Home 

Our Story

Havana Home is an independent home fragrance company in the city of Sydney. Havana Home is the culmination of a lifelong love of fragrance and candles and wonderful memories of a childhood in central western New South Wales.

Although it has taken a very twisty path, the journey to this point began in central New South Wales on a farm.  Being a kid on a farm does give you time to explore your senses and watch the craft of those around you.

My mother made beeswax candles when I was little and used to give them to her friends as gifts; the kitchens of my grandmothers always smelt amazing and my father and grandfather both devotedly grew fruit when not working the farm.  I was also surrounded by captivating aromas which will stick with me for life: rain hitting the parched earth for the first time in months; fresh tomato & mint sandwiches; straw; harvest; wattle; paddy melon; sun ripened citrus. The list goes on and on.

Living in London really honed my interest in fragrance, but especially in fragrances for the home.   The idea of being able to influence the mood, not only of yourself, but of others through something as simple as a candle still amazes me.  I would spend hours in perfumeries and in gardens really soaking in the scents. 

While searching for the perfect home candle, I realised that many of the expensive; well known brands were using paraffin wax which infuriated me.  As a mum and someone who is very careful with toxins I believe, we deserve better than that.  I knew that I had to create my own fragrance for the home and that I had to make it the least toxic and best quality that I could, and that is how the journey began.  

At Havana we have been striving to bring you the best Australian Made Beautiful Soy Candles.  Collaborating with Female Australian Artists on the packaging.  With the aim of bringing you the most beautiful product I can and of course supporting these very talented creatives.

Havana Home is Australian owned and my products are made in Australia from the highest quality ingredients.  I use soy wax in our candles to bring you a non toxic clean candle; triple scented candle with a long burn time.  There are currently 8 fragrances in the Havana Home range.

Every one of our beautiful fragrances has a story to tell and a history of it's own - why not include one of our gorgeous products in your own story.

Jude xx