Choosing a Fragrance online is easier than you think.

Think about how you are going to use your candle, where it will go in your home and of course the age old question of are you getting the best quality you can. 

We have put together a few tips to help you out:-

Firstly Consider Your Space

The best kitchen fragrance may not be the best living room fragrance.  For me the best candle in the kitchen is either a Citrus Fragrance of my Heirloom Mint.  But I always have White Tea throughout the house and is my all time favourite fragrance.   Our best selling scented candle for the living room is Orange Bergamot.   I never use the same fragrance in the bathroom as I do through the rest of the house (personal preference).  The layering of fragrance in your home is what will become your signature scent.  I always have White Tea at the front door so that is the fragrance that welcomes my guests and then Golden Amber hugs them as they walk further into my home.

Think of What You Love

If your happy place is by the sea then you probably prefer the fresher fragrances.  If you like being in a forest then may be the earthier fragrances are for you.  We are always drawn to experiences and aromas that bring us joy.  


Read the descriptions of the fragrances they will give you great insight into what the fragrance is.  Check the reviews - have people loved the fragrance you are considering - or not so much?

Be Brave Be Bold

Combine fragrances in your home.  Experiment with something new - you may love it.  Mix it up.  I burn different fragrances depending on my mood - I find the best candle fragrance in the morning is very different to at night when I want to relax.


Enjoy the ritual of lighting your candle.  Enjoy the top notes at first and then the full body of the candle.  Remember too,  that your candle should enhance your environment not overtake it completely.