As an interior designer I genuinely believe that beautiful design should be part and parcel of every day life and that it should be dynamic.  And being a small business I have the luxury of being able to implement change quickly and without too much fuss.  So when it came time to shake up our look I was determined to make what was already a beautiful product an even more beautiful product.

I changed to a beautiful glass candle jar which will complement any home.  Also rather than cover it with branding there is a tiny logo on the vessel.  That way when you have finished burning your candle it is easily turned into a vase or a cotton wool holder - anything you fancy. 

Then I started thinking about how I wanted to change the look of the packaging, from the beautiful hand drawn illustrations to something more colourful.  I started looking at my options when suddenly (while washing my hair) it hit me "what if I could get Sally Browne to do the artwork for one of my products"?  I have been a fan of Sally's work forever and her focus on Australian Birds seemed such a good fit for me.  By the time I had finished putting on my makeup I had decided to collaborate with Australian Artists and feature their work on all my boxes.  Genius, Right?

The only hiccup - was that I had six weeks to get it all together.  From finding the artists to holding the finished products in my hand!  No problem I thought to myself - everyone who works with me shuddered in horror but not surprise.  I had finalised my four new fragrances - surely that's the hard bit?

I approached Sally through Bluethumb Art and thankfully she was keen too. Sally was a no brainer for Pink Peppercorn as it was the one that I thought best suited her style.  All I had to do was find an artist for all the other fragrances.

Lucky for me I was able to find 5 of the artists through the Bluethumb gallery - this made it a lot easier for me.  Instagram of course is where I found the other artists.

The final product is an absolutely stunning Australian made product that is earth friendly; vegan;  renewable and now proudly packaged in incredible Australian Art.  I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to create this and I genuinely hope that you love it too.


Sally Browne  

Sally is the fabulous talent behind our Pink Peppercorn Fragrance packaging.  I have been a fan of her work for years (it is in keeping with my cockatoo obsession). We also have matching cats which I love.

Sally's work is informed by the wild nature that flourishes in the unkempt gardens and streets of her inner city neighbourhood. She explores colour, composition and line to generate two dimensional narratives of her surroundings.

“Our flora and fauna here in Sydney is exotic and unique, and for the moment, still thriving in pockets amongst the hum of the big city backdrop. I draw and paint every day – studying nature provides me with an endless supply of ideas and inspiration, as well as a quiet escape from reality.”

Sally’s preferred medium is Gouache paint on handmade watercolour paper, she mixes colours and varies the paint consistency straight onto the painting as she works. This method allows for those lovely random watermarks, subtle colour shifts and the intricate markings synonymous with her popular works on paper.

Several of our customers have fallen in love with Sally's art on our packaging and gone on the purchase pieces from her.


Amy Basnett

Amy created Tranquility the stunning piece that I used on the Citrus Basil Packaging.

"I love to create a painting which makes such a connection with its viewer, that it becomes part of their life story."

Amy Basnett is an Australian Artist with a passion for connecting abstract and contemporary art with people and incorporating interior design concepts into her overall compositions. Providing unique custom designed artworks for her clients and commissions are welcome.

Focusing on colour, technique and design she works intuitively to create works that impart a feeling, emotion or positive reflection in the viewer.


Michelle Drougas

Michelle created the beautiful artwork used for the Orange Bergamot Fragrance.  It is the boldest of the artworks I chose and looks amazing.  Also the orange bergamot diffusers are so popular that I am always running out - so lots of you must be enjoying you own piece of her art in your home.  You can find more of Michelle's work on Bluethumb.
"I have a love affair with colour and texture and find that and my mind is always bursting with ideas of new combinations that could work together. I am inspired by music, fashion, homewares and other artists. I would describe my style as evolving as I am always experimenting and looking for new ways or working." 

Michelle has sold several pieces of her work to Havana Home customers after they have falling in love with the packaging.


Laura Horn

Laura is the creative behind the artwork "Radiant" which was for the Golden Amber packaging.  As soon as I saw the piece I knew that it was perfect for the fragrance.

"It wasn't that long ago, that I was in an office cubicle, wondering if sitting under fluorescent lighting was my lot in life. Deep down I knew it wasn't. I knew there was something else out there for me, but I didn't know what it was. It was only when I picked up a paintbrush, that I felt a spark!

These days my studio doors are always open letting in the breeze, I can snuggle my furry friends (cat + dog) whenever I want to and when my kids get home from school, I am able to give them what they most want, my time.

For me, running a creative business is less about hustle and more about heart.
It's about being connected to what you love, making conscious choices as you navigate your day and feeling a deep sense of gratitude and fulfilment.

Nothing lifts me up more than seeing other artists step into their creativity and really come alive. Through my online classes, retreats and podcasts, I help artists to do just that! 

When I am not painting or dreaming up new ideas, there's a good chance you will find me, hunting for vintage treasure, looking at cat photos on the net or trying to keep my house plants alive."

Amelia Ross

Amelia is the creative behind the artwork used on my Heirloom Mint Fragrance.

"I have loved drawing all my life. It’s cathartic and linked to some of my very best childhood memories.

I started with chalk, then moved to realistic graphite, pastel and aquarelle drawings (of myself, my family, and all types of animals and Australian landscapes).

It was this innate creativity that drew me to pursue my other love - a 12 year career in graphic design.

I’d never really liked to paint - it did not allow me the same level of control I enjoyed in other mediums. So, I avoided it until ... now.

But lately, I have learned to love the organic properties of abstract watercolour and the unexpected results I can create remixing originals with digital play.

Currently, my art is abstract - 100% inspired by mood. I do not start with an intent or focus. I just see what jumps to the page."



Katarina Lim 

Katarina is the incredible talent who created the artwork I used for the Sapphire Coast packaging.  I chose her work because it captures the beauty of our stunning coastlines - perfectly.

"I graduated from Architecture and always love anything creative.  Nature is my biggest inspiration ( colours, textures, movements,...). The seascapes, beaches and the ocean in particular are playing a big role in my latest abstract works.
I love experimenting and exploring, mixing mediums together and watching them react.  I also love photography and walks while listening to audible books.  Thank you so much to all my followers ( old & new ) for being a part of my creative journey 😘💙


Ruchi Rai

Ruchi created the stunning work used for the Violet Jasmine packaging which is stunning.

Originally from India her journey with colours and design started in New Delhi where she completed a Diploma in Textile Design. While in India she gained some experience of free hand painting on silk and chiffon sarees which was like creating an art on a large canvas!

Ruchi travelled with her husband and explored different landscapes and cultures like Greece, Italy and Japan to name a few. In 1994 she moved to Australia to start a settled life and family. The amazing Australian landscapes and ocean and the rich and colourful textiles of India have been the main source of inspiration for her artworks in terms of colour and the softness and transparency of chiffon.  She believes art is a way to express feelings and emotions that we feel towards people, nature and this beautiful earth that we live on.

Ruchi has been exploring with acrylics as she believes they are very versatile and easy to work with in terms of creating textures, depth and blending techniques. Each piece is started with some visual understanding of its flow and direction and as it progresses it takes its own path and slowly develops its own character, story and depth.

Ruchi has been painting full time for the last three years and her paintings have been well received by Private collectors in Australia and overseas.

Ember Fairbairn

Ember is the talent behind our beautiful White Tea Packaging.  As soon as I saw this artwork I knew that it had to be White Tea.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Ember is mostly known for her densely layered oil paintings of abstracted organic shapes which reference nature . the work is presented as traditional paintings within a frame and also as expanded paintings which occupy various spaces and scales. The work also investigates the way in which colour can impact on the viewer and the space in which it resides. Her work is both about painting itself and how it interacts with space, dimension and form. The pictorial themes often speak about the experience of time, referencing mythology and our relationship with and within nature and the primordial and instinctual nature of humanity.

Ember is interested in what makes a painting libidinal, and how that resides in each of us and what removes us from it?

Creating art for me is a communion with all of potential, it is a meditation where one “loses” self and merges into all that is and all that is yet to be. The process dictates the form. employing colour, mark making, symbol and shape through oil paint, and texture via the encaustic process.I want to be instructed by the subconscious and by surrendering to what wants to be made, I can be educated from that place"