As an interior designer I genuinely believe that beautiful design should be part and parcel of every day life and that it should be dynamic.  And being a small business I have the luxury of being able to implement change quickly and without too much fuss.  So when it came time to shake up our look I was determined to make what was already a beautiful product an even more beautiful product.

I changed to a beautiful glass candle jar which will complement any home.  Also rather than cover it with branding I stuck to a tiny logo on the glass.  That way when you have finished burning your candle it is easily turned into a vase or a cotton wool holder - anything you fancy. 

Then I started thinking about how I wanted to change the look of the packaging, from the beautiful hand drawn illustrations to something more colourful.  I started looking at my options when suddenly (while washing my hair) it hit me "what if I could get Sally Browne to do the artwork for one of my products"?  I have been a fan of Sally's work forever and her focus on Australian Birds seemed such a good fit for me.  By the time I had finished putting on my makeup I had decided to collaborate with Australian Artists and feature their work on all my boxes.  Genius, Right?

The only hiccup - was that I had six weeks to get it all together.  From finding the artists to holding the finished products in my hand!  No problem I thought to myself - everyone who works with me shuddered in horror but not surprise.  I had afterall finalised my four new fragrances - surely that's the hard bit?

I approached Sally through Bluethumb Art and thankfully she was keen too. Sally was a no brainer for Pink Peppercorn as it was the one that I thought best suited her style.  All I had to do was find an artist for all the other fragrances.

I have the most fantastic graphic designer who I work with regularly and like me she is also and art fan.  The one thing that I was sure of that was that I wanted to buy existing artwork as I didn't want to influence the artist's creative style.  Lucky for me I was able to find 5 of the remaining artists through the Bluethumb gallery - this made it a lot easier for me.  Bluethumb handled the contracts for this which was super important as I wanted to make sure that everything was done fairly and with the correct payment and permissions.  Instagram of course is where I found the other artists.

So here are a few months later with an absolutely stunning Australian made product that is earth friendly; vegan;  renewable and now proudly packaged in incredible Australian Art.  I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to create this and I genuinely hope that you love it too.

 In no particular order please meet the artists:-

Ember Fairbairn

“Creating art for me is a communion with all of potential, it is a meditation where one “loses” self and merges into all that is and all that is yet to be. The process dictates the form. employing colour, mark making, symbol and shape through oil paint, and texture via the encaustic process.I want to be instructed by the subconscious and by surrendering to what wants to be made, I can be educated from that place".
Sally Browne